Jan 302013
create table use_interval_partitioning (
  and_new_partitions            number,
  will_be_created_automatically varchar2(1)
                                default 'Y',
  for_each_new                  date,
  so_your_system_wont_break     varchar2(1)
                                default 'Y',
  if_maintenance_is_forgotten   varchar2(100)
                                default 'Yay!'
) partition by range (for_each_new)
  interval (numtodsinterval(1,'DAY')) (
    partition first values less than (
      date '2013-01-30')
A very handy feature, I just wish there was a way to specify a regexp for new partition names; 
I don't like systems cluttered up with SYS_Pxxx partitions...