Jan 242014

I’ve not been too well recently, so to “celebrate” here’s six SQL clues to various diseases. Can you get them all? Put your answers in the comments!

select *
from   domestic_fowl
join   pimply_rash;

select * 
from   body_parts
where  description in (
   'glove filler', 
   'walking attachment', 
   'food opening'

select max(temperature)
from   colours
where  hue = '#FFFF00';

select *
from   people
where  sex = 'Male'
and    location in (
    select name
    from   theatre_arts_academies
    where  location = 'Russia'

select *
from   arcane_programming_language;

select *
from   maldive_islands
where  location = 'southern most'
and    colour = '#00FF00';