Dec 202013
update sqlfail
set    next_post_date = date '2014-01-06';

I’m taking a bit of a break over Christmas while I spend time with my daughter and her grandparents. Thanks to everyone who follows this site, hope you have a great Christmas/festive time and 2014 is everything you hope for. :)

In the meantime, there’s a message hidden in the SQL below for you (note, you’ll need to run this on to guarantee it works):

select listagg(keyword, ' ') 
         within group (
           order by decode(rn, 1, 8,
                               45, 2,
                               476, 5, 
                               766, 6, 
                               1638, 4, 
                               1654, 3, 
                               1683, 1,
                               1836, 7)) 
from (
  select keyword, 
           over (order by keyword) rn
  from   v$reserved_words
where rn in (1,45,476,766,1638,1654,1683,1836);
Dec 162013

Christmas is approaching, so some Christmassy-themed songs to guess. Seven to get this time (because it’s Chrismtas ;). As always, put your answers in the comments!

select *
from   men
where  name like 'Christmas song'
and    rownum = 1;

select min(size)
from   equus_africanus_asinus;

sqlplus -s darkness

select *
from   days
where  extract(day from dy) = 25
and    extract(month from mn) = 12
and    colour = '#FFFFFF';

select *
from   plants
where  name in (select name
                from   girls_names);

select name
from   men
where  composition = 'frozen rain';

  while (sheep_tenders = observant)
  end loop;

Note – the fourth one was updated from #000000 to #FFFFFF following comments from Salek.