Jun 282013
select version, feature
from   children
order  by version;

---  --------
0.0  Marketing impressed by early demo. 
     Demands instant release despite many key 
     features missing.
0.1  Crying leading to customers demanding 
     refunds. Smiling feature implemented to 
     distract them.
0.2  Self burping feature implemented to much
     rejoicing from female owners.
0.3  Agile methodology adopted for walking and
     talking functions. Incremental changes
     slowly rolled out over next two years.
0.6  Issues found in release of teeth. Several
     days of live bug-fixing follows, causing
     misery for all.
0.8  Projectile vomiting bug finally fixed.
2.0  Major release includes significant bugs
     in customer co-operation module.
5.0  New team member unhappy with the mess 
     left from the release of teeth. Drops 
     all existing code and rewrites from 
13.0 Implementation of puberty outsourced to 
     cheapest provider. Chaos ensues.

Just a small sample of the bugs and features that appear as children grow :)