Feb 142014
insert into my_reading_list (
  book, author
) values  (
  'Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 6th Edition',
  'Steven Feuerstein'

That’s right, Steven Feuerstein – PL/SQL expert and all round great guy – has recently published the 6th edition of his PL/SQL programming book. It includes the new features of Oracle for 12c as well as general advice and principles for PL/SQL programming. If you want to keep up to date with what’s changed or are starting out with PL/SQL I recommend you get yourself a copy!

Nov 152013

A bit more highbrow this time, can you guess the book titles from the SQL clues below?

select burning_point
from   paper;

select toothed_gearwheels
from   device
where  colour = '#FFCCOO';

select *
from   creatures
where  species in (
  'Homo sapiens',
  'Mus musculus'

select spouse
from   voyager
where  chrono_displacement = 'Y';

select *
from   felines
where  clothing in (select type
                    from   headgear);

public class Rye extends  Wheat{
  public static void main() {
    try {
      Rye rye = new Rye();
    catch (CerealException e) {
      System.out.println("Got you!");
I think most (all?) of these have been made into films now anyway though...

As usual, put your answers in the comments!

Oct 162013

Following on from TV shows and albums, we’re onto famous books today. As before, enter your answers in the comments.

select richard
from   musician
where  genre = 'electronica';

select count(*)
from   colours
where  hex_value between '000000' and '313131'
and    red_value = blue_value
and    blue_value = green_value;

select cipher
from   painters
where  style = 'Renaissance'
and    nationality = 'Italian';