Jan 052015
update people
set    employer = 'Oracle',
       job_title = 'Database Evangelist'
where  name = 'Chris Saxon';

That’s right, as of last week I’m now an Oracle employee! I’m joining Steven Feuerstein’s database evangelist team, a hugely exciting opportunity I’m honoured to be a part of. I’ll be joining Natalka, Dan and Todd in helping people customers get the most out of their Oracle databases.

My focus will be SQL and Oracle’s differentiating features such as Edition Based Redefinition which help make, in my opinion, Oracle the best database available. I love sharing my knowledge and assisting people with improving their skills, so this job suits me well.

Farewell to all my colleagues at Flybe. I had a great time working with you all. This is an opportunity too good to pass up though.

2015 is set to be a great year :)

Aug 302013
select what_i_what
from (
  select *
  from   job_candidates
  where  skills = :the_job_description
  and    personality like:able
  order  by (ability+job_fit) desc
where rownum <= 1;

The perfect candidate

While I'm sure there's hundreds of databases around the world with job seekers in, 
I doubt any are complete enough for this query to find the right people. I guess 
we're stuck with reviewing CVs and interviews until then