Building a nest SQL

create type it_sort_of_defeats_the_point as table of integer;

create table you_can_store_your_columns (
  as_nested_tables_but it_sort_of_defeats_the_point
nested table as_nested_tables_but 
store  as    of_using_a_relational_database

-- populate the nested table
  yc  it_sort_of_defeats_the_point := it_sort_of_defeats_the_point(1, 2, 3);
  insert into you_can_store_your_columns values (yc);
  yc  := it_sort_of_defeats_the_point(4, 5);
  insert into you_can_store_your_columns values (yc);

-- the table() operator can be used to extract the values out of the 
select c.* from you_can_store_your_columns, table(as_nested_tables_but) c
where  c.column_value = 1;

drop table you_can_store_your_columns purge;
drop type it_sort_of_defeats_the_point;

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