Aug 182016
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It’s been a while since I’ve published here. You see, I’ve been kind of busy.

Back in January 2015 I was lucky enough to join Oracle as part of their Developer Advocate team. My focus is SQL.

You see I love working with SQL. And I love helping others. So joining the Developer Advocates was a great chance to combine these passions :)

Which leads some to ask:

Why is your site called SQLfail?!

Back when I started this, I enjoyed spending my free moments reading the Fail Blog. A site dedicated to showing pictures of people doing things silly, daft or just plain dumb.

So I thought to myself: perhaps I could build a site showing the silly, daft and dumb things people do with SQL. And so SQLfail was born.

But all good things must come to an end. So this is my last post here.

But it’s not goodbye. I’ve just moved :)

Where to? Well, a number of places!

You can find detailed blog posts explaining how to use SQL over at All Things SQL.

Or if you prefer your content in video form, head to The Magic of SQL. Here you’ll find SQL with a splash of magic thrown in.

For your daily dose of SQL in 140 characters or less, check out the SQLDaily Twitter account. Or you can get your SQL tips mixed with musing from me, SQL brainteasers, Haikus and other fun stuff by following me on Twitter.

And of course, if you’re stuck on a tricky Oracle SQL problem, please ask me or my fellow SQL Advocate Connor over on Ask Tom.


No, SQLwin!

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  1. What a pity !
    I liked


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