Mar 302015

The following SQL statements are all clues to the names of trees:

select covering
from   mammals;

update wood
set    state = 'burnt';

select admiration
from   people
select name
from   pronouns
where  type = 'second person';

select target
from   diseases
where  nationality = 'Dutch';

update oslo
set    appearance = 'smarter';

select *
from   elements e
join   punishments p
where  e.atomic_number = 47
and    p.type = 'beating';

Can you guess them all? Put your answers in the comments :)

  8 Responses to “SQL puzzles: Which tree am I?”

  1. 1. Fir
    2. Cork
    3. ??? I’m STUMPED
    4. Elm
    5. The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree from Norway, of course! No???
    6. Silver birch

    • Nice going so far, I was thinking of Ash for 2. as Anon has got.

      I wasn’t thinking of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree just Norwegian Spruce. It is a Norwegian Spruce from Oslo so I guess it counts though ;)

  2. 1. Fir
    2. Ash
    3. ?
    4. Elm
    5. Norway Spruce
    6. Silver Birch

  3. Not sure why #2 isn’t Redwood or Eucalyptus, as both of those appreciate fire.
    #3 sounds like Narcissus, but that’s not a tree…?

    • I wasn’t aware that Redwood or Eucalyptus appreciate fire Joel ;) Think about it this way. After you burn a bunch of wood, what are you left with?

      Correct, Narcissus isn’t a tree nor is it the answer!

  4. #3 – Common yew?

    • I see where you’re coming from with that, nice try. It’s not right though. Remember to MINUS the yew/you.

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