Oct 052014

Today celebrates one year of the database design quiz on the PL/SQL Challenge!

Here’s a look back at some of the stats for the quiz to date with some trivia related to the numbers :)

select count(*)
from   quizzes;


-- The number of white keys on a piano
-- the smallest number with 4 representations 
-- as the sum of 4 positive squares

select count(*)
from   players;


-- The mass (in kilos) of a typical dairy cow
-- ~7 times the average adult body power 
-- consumption (in watts)

select count(*)
from   answers_submitted;


-- Approximately the length of the Great Wall 
-- of China (in miles) and the mass of 
-- a large dinosaur (in stones)

select name, score
from   (select name, score
        from   players
        order  by score desc
where  rownum <= 5;

NAME             SCORE
---------------- -----
mentzel.iudith   20618
Justin Cave      20038
Joaquin Gonzalez 19284
Krzysztof Helbin 19242
Elic             19127

-- Iudith and Justin are doing a great job, 
-- the only players to break 20,000 to date!

select avg(rating) 
from   player_surveys;


-- 50 times the half life of uranium 241 
-- (in hours)

-- Great to see the average rating above 4 :)
-- I have to thank my reviewers, particularly 
-- Yuan Tschang, for helping keep the quality 
-- high!

Thanks to everyone who’s taken part, pointed out my mistakes and added to the discussions for the quiz over the past year.

If you’ve not played yet, today’s a great time to get started. Just head over to www.plsqlchallenge.com, register for a free account and get playing!

  4 Responses to “One Year of the Database Design Quiz”

  1. Hello Chris, All ,

    It is unbelievable how fast time is passing :):)

    Yes, it’s the time to celebrate the first birthday anniversary of this very nice quiz,
    and time to say again to you a HUGE THANKS for your tremendous work, week after week, in the benefit of all of us :):)

    I enjoy it a lot and hope to be able to continue playing as long as my powers still allow me.

    Keep up with the excellent work, we will always be grateful to you :) :) :)

    Best Regards & Many more such anniversaries :) :)

  2. Yes. We really enjoyed DD quizzes. Thanks Chris.

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