Mar 212014

Back on the films today, here’s another six to get:

select talk
from   monarch;

select * 
from   (select city_name
        from   cities
        where  state = 'IL'
        order  by population desc)
where  rownum = 1;

select * 
from   nations
where  not exists (
         select null
         from   people
         where  status = 'retired'
         and    sex = 'male'
         and    p.location = n.location

sqlplus -s young_ovis_aries

select key
from   injury;

select *
from   human_property
where  duration between date '2000-01-01'
                and date '2012-12-31';

Finally, there’s something that links all the above films. Can you get it?

Put your answers in the comments!

  11 Responses to “SQL Brainteasers: Guess the Film Part 10”

  1. 1) The King’s Speech
    2) Chicago
    3) No Country for Old Men
    4) Silence of the Lambs (tables not renamed)
    5) ?
    6) ?

    Is question six correct the way it is? Is it about the age 0-12?
    What is the meaning of “key” in question five?
    Also no idea on the connecting element, yet. But I think once you get it, it makes the rest more easy.

  2. 6. 12 Years a Slave (?)

  3. 5. The Hurt Locker

    and the connection would be that all are Academy Award-winning films.

  4. SELECT CASE WHEN SYSDATE – MAX(postdate) <= 30 THEN 'Happy' ELSE 'Sad' END AS mood FROM brainteaser;

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