Jan 062014

The first quarter of the database design quiz on the PL/SQL challenge finished last week. Being a numbers geek, here’s some facts and figures from how it’s gone so far:

select count(*)
from   quizzes;


-- Or about the same mass (in kg) 
-- of a gold bar :)

select count(*)
from   players;


-- Also the numbers of days it takes the 
-- planet Ceres to orbit its sun

select count(*)
from   answers_given;


-- that's about 13 times the length of a 
-- Hidenburg Zeppelin!

select name, score
from   (select name, score
        from   players
        order  by score desc
where  rownum <= 5;

NAME             SCORE
---------------- -----
Justin Cave       5090	
Andres            4559
Frank Puechl      4477
mentzel.iudith    4439
Krzysztof Helbin  4409

-- Congrats to Justin, 
-- the clear winner for this quarter

select sum(answer_time) TIME_DAYS_HH:MI:SS
from   player_answers

17 13:36:45

-- Whoa, that's a lot of time taken!
-- there's a few players with abnormally 
-- high times, let's strip those out...

select sum(answer_time) TIME_DAYS_HH:MI:SS
from   player_answers
where  answer_time < interval '5' hour;

8 17:19:57

-- That's still nearly 9 days!

If you’ve been playing, hope you’ve enjoyed the quiz so far and will continue to play through 2014! If not, then join the game over on www.plsqlchallenge.com

  4 Responses to “The Database Design Quiz in Numbers”

  1. Hello Chris,

    Nice to see these figures … along with your usual funny comments :):)

    13 is considered an unlucky number, but I think that the Database Design quiz is really taking off very fine,
    you are doing an excellent work, and I am sure that both us and probably your little Isabelle ( as quiz “co-author” :) )
    are learning a lot from it, getting a deeper insight and making more accurate a lot of very specific knowledge details
    that usually do not receive enough time in the daily “running / (too) productive” life :)

    Happy and Funny New Year 2014 and Keep up with the great work :) :)

    and also Happy Birthday to Isabelle :) :)

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks Iudith, glad you’re enjoying the quiz!

      I’m learning things from this too – the questions from players have raised things I hadn’t considered when writing the quizzes.

  2. Love the analogies ;-)

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