Nov 292013

As always, when you think you’ve got answers, put them in the comments.

exec dbms_output.put_line(chr(69) || chr(84));

select cephalopod 
from   molluscs
where  form like 'cat';

insert into visage
values ('flesh wound');

with affection as (
  select *
  from   soviet_nation
  select * from affection;

create sequence response;

select *
from   vehicles
where  type in (
  'flying vessels', 
  'mechanised chariots'

  10 Responses to “SQL Brainteasers: Guess the Film Part 8”

  1. 1st one is really hard :)
    Looking forward to solve the rest.

    Best regards

  2. I only figured out two… :(
    “From Russia with Love”
    and “Planes Trains and Automobiles”

  3. 1) ET
    3) Scarface
    4) From Russia with Love

  4. 5) Yes Man (?)

    • Nope, I guess I’ve been a bit too cryptic this time around…

      Number 2 has something in common with 4.

      Number 5 stars Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman.

  5. 2) Octopussy
    5) Chain Reaction (yay, IMDB Common :)

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