Nov 082013

Can you guess the film titles suggested by these SQL clues? As always, put your answers in the comments!

select english_bard
from   people
where  status = 'Enamoured';

with zohan as (
  select *
  from   you
  where  state <> 'Tidy'
  select * from zohan;

select boron
from   periodic_table;

select *
from   day
where  time between 'sunset' and 'sunrise';

set role fashion_displayers;

  lock table inventory in exclusive mode;
  select count(*)
  into   vapour
  from   inventory 
  where  type = 'Cylindrical container'
  having count(*) = 2;

  5 Responses to “SQL Brainteasers: Guess the Film Part 7”

  1. Shakespeare in Love
    Don’t Mess with the Zohan
    The 5th Element
    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    • Good start, you’ve got 4/6 Carl. I was thinking of something else for the 4th one and there’s one missing for “set role…”.

  2. Are these the remaining 2?

    Role Models

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