Oct 232013

As regular readers will know, two weeks ago marked the launch of the database design quiz on the PL/SQL Challenge, a quiz conceived and authored by me.

This represented several weeks work and preparation, so I felt a combintation of excitement and nerves when the quiz started on the 5 Oct. My reviewers (Andy Wilson and Kent Graziano) have done a great job, pointing out some items which had managed to slip by me when writing the quiz and the first week went by without a hitch.

Last week’s quiz proved less straight forward however. When I checked my email on Saturday morning I saw something I’d been dreading – an objection to the quiz! Surely myself, Andy and Kent hadn’t all missed something obvious? I read the comments and thought – I’m not sure!

The objection centred around a choice where no foreign key was present. I’d selected the choice as correct, but around three quarters of players choce it as incorrect and a few put some arguments forward as to why they felt so.

So I’m looking to get the thoughts of players (and anyone else who cares about data) about this. I’m hoping we can come to an agreement regarding what we need to state in quizzes for the a choices to be considered right or wrong when it comes to foreign keys. There’s full details over on the PL/SQL Challenge blog – please head over there and add your thoughts!

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