Oct 152013

Continuing this week’s SQL brainteasers, today’s topic is albums. As before, put your answers in the comments.

select location
from   lunar_satellite
where  light is null;

select *
from   gossip
where  veracity between 'false' and 'true';

select opposite
from   good;

  6 Responses to “Quiz Week, Day 2: Album SQL Brainteasers”

  1. 1) – behind the moon (?)
    2) Gossip – That’s Not What I Heard (???)
    3) Michael Jackson – bad

    For 1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Artificial_satellites_orbiting_the_Moon didn’t help.
    For 2) http://thesaurus.com/browse/gossip didn’t help.

  2. 1. Dark side of the moon
    2. ?
    3. Bad

  3. 2. Rumors (Fleetwood Mac)

    • Well done Gert, you’ve got them all. Salek actually got Bad first, but the spam filter blocked his comment for some reason.

  4. Too slow off the mark today!

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