Oct 112013

As before, if you can guess the film titles from these SQL clues then put your answers in the comments. If you’ve missed the earlier quizzes, have a look at parts one, two and three.

select * 
from   mandibles;

select *
from   pedites
where  side <> 'right';

select *
from   nuptials
where  rownum <= 4
select *
from   burial
where  rownum = 1;

select existence
from   numbers
where  value = circumference/diameter;

create procedure africa (
  karen out varchar2
) as

create table armoured_soldiers as
  select x, y
  from   points
  where  ((x-a)*(x-a)) + ((y-b)*(y-b)) = r*r;

  3 Responses to “Guess the Film part 4: Another Batch of SQL Brainteasers”

  1. Jaws
    My Left Foot
    4 Weeding and a Funeral
    Life of Pi
    Out of Africa
    ?? still working on the last one

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