Sep 272013

Can you get these films from the SQL clues below? Put your answers in the comments! If you want more, have a look at the first and second in this series.


select colour
from   kilometers
where  distance = 1.6
and    shade between 'blue' and 'yellow';

select *
from   the_unhappy
where  nationality = 'French';

select *
from   back as of timestamp sysdate + 1;

select top 1 *
from   ballistic_weapons;

select common_surname
from   states
where  capital = 'Indianapolis'
and    military_expedition = 'final';

  4 Responses to “Guess the Film part 3: 6 More SQL Brainteasers”

  1. 1. saving private ryan
    2. green mile
    3. les miserables
    4. back to the future
    5. top gun
    6. indiana Jones and the last crusade

  2. Damn, you got there before me ;^)

    Love these though, so clever!

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