Sep 202013

Continuing the SQL brainteasers (back to the first), can you figure these next six film titles from the SQL clues? Put your answers in the comments!

select greenbacks
from   clenched_hands;

select *
from   sodium
natural join chlorine;

alter session set nls_territory = Italy;

  execute immediate 
    'begin mimus_polyglottos; end;';

select direction
from   compass
where  degrees = 337.5;

select danger
from   transactions
where  isolation_level < 'serializable';

  6 Responses to “Guess the Film Part 2: Clues to 6 More Films in SQL Form”

  1. My guesses:
    A Fistful of Dollars
    The Italian Job
    North by Northwest
    Dangerous Liaisons

    • Good effort Jeff: you’ve got 4/6.

      You need a bit more on the Mockingbird answer and I was thinking something else for the final answer – it might help to look up isolation levels.

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