Sep 132013

Can you guess the name of the film from these code snippets? Put your answers in the comments!

  return skywalker;

exec dbms_lock.sleep(:gorgeous);

select count(*)
from   primates 
having count(*) = 12;

select annoying_habits
from   you
where  rownum <= 10;

select * 
from   mission
where  1 = 2;

select power(motor_company, 1)
from   man
where  address = 'the world'
and    status = 'secret';

  3 Responses to “SQL Brainteasers: Guess the Film”

  1. Very cool.

    Return of the Jedi
    Sleeping Beauty
    12 Monkies
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Mission Impossible
    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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