Mar 012013
update baby
set    tummy = 'full',
       nappy = 'empty'
where  tummy = 'empty' or
       nappy = 'full';
After dealing with either or both of these issues for the 67th time in a day,
there's an overwhelming wish that you could setup some kind of trigger to deal them automatically...

  2 Responses to “If only it could be this easy: more baby related commands”

  1. re: setup trigger to deal with them automatically

    Tom Kytes says triggers are evil… and I believe everything Tom Kytes says.
    Not sure about babies… possibly evil too.

    • Yep, babies are definitely evil – they hide it behind their cuteness! Evil + evil = good, doesn’t it?! ;)

      I believe Tom Kyte’s objection to triggers is that they make things happen “automagically”. Dealing with nappies is definitely something I wish could happen automagically… :)

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