Feb 182013
update sqlfail_posts
set    weekly_posts = 2,
       monday = 'Y',
       tuesday = 'N',
       wednesday = 'N',
       thursday = 'N',
       friday = 'Y',
       saturday = 'N',
       sunday = 'N';
Recent changes in my life means I don't have as much time and energy to put into this blog as I did, 
so I'm reducing the number of posts slightly.

  2 Responses to “Post Frequency”

  1. Chris,

    bad news for your fans :'( , good news for <a href="http://www.sqlfail.com/2013/01/25/a-new-dependency-to-manage&quot; Isabelle Victoria ;-) !
    Fortunately you forgot to commit :-P


    • Thanks Matthias, but I think I’m pretty committed now! :)

      I took a guaranteed restore point though, so I can always flashback… ;)

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